Why am I still single? How do I date after divorce? Why is everyone around me in a relationship but I still attend weddings alone? Can I truly find real love? Can I find love after 40? Internet dating, is it really desperate dating? Why do I keep picking the wrong partners? Is something wrong with me? Am I too picky? Do I set my standards too low?

If you have asked these questions then you have landed on the right website. After years of sessions with hundreds of married couples and singles I have truly uncovered the secret to successful dating and long-term relationships.

The secrets are universal and can be found within us. I have found that our own relationship pathology can be reversed. However the search for a loving mate will not eliminate the core issues that keep us feeling alone and desperate for someone to share life with. Unfortunately this desire continues to leave us feeling more insecure, confused, and hopeless.

Being alone does not have to mean "lonely". Let me help you discover the positives in your singleness, which will lead to a more confident and emotionally healthy you! Our sessions will consist of psychotherapy to examine relationship patterns in your past, tangible "dating" homework assignments, and the exploration of ways you can finally find the "one".

If nothing is working in your quest for love, then I encourage you to try something different. I look forward to speaking with you and sharing with you what I have discovered over many years of relationship counseling and coaching.

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