Breaking the Chains Retreat Program

An innovative, counseling and mentoring program, for adolescents and young adults.

rachel clark speakingOur team of professionals are committed to helping individuals recognize and gain freedom from the negative chains that prevent them from living a healthy and purposeful life. This will be accomplished through professional mental health services partnered with intense committed mentorship and consistent community involvement.

Two night, three day weekend retreat to a secluded location, allowing each individual to participate in an "emotional cleansing", with a personal mentor and licensed therapist.

Includes 5 group healing circles, 2 individual therapy sessions, creative challenges which will focus on choices and consequences, identifying with others, team building activites, discipline exercises, coping skills, communication, exploring passions and talents and preparing for the three month after care following the retreat weekend.

Following the retreat each mentee will continue on a 3 month journey with their mentor, Community Involvement Director, and Licensed Clinical Director. Mentee will meet individually with Therapist once a week and will participate in a healing circle every two weeks with the original group from the retreat. Each mentee will also participate in a community outreach once a month utilizing their passions and talents.

Please fill out the contact form below If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling for the next Breaking the Chains Retreat. We will reply back with times, location, and how to enroll.

16585 Pacific Coast Highway
Sunset Beach, CA 90742


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